Transfagarasan is one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the Carpathians. It is about 90 km long and transits the highest mountain range of the Carpathians in Romania: Fagaras Mountains. The road connects two major Romanian teritorial provinces: Transylvania to Wallachia.

It is the most beautiful road in Romania and one of the most picturesque in the world. You will have what to see: spectacular serpentines that will cut your breath, glacial lakes and mountain waterfalls.

Is also known as the “Transfagarasan Highway”, but it’s not a highway, it is a national road from asphalt with two-way traffic.

Panorama is absolutely breathtaking!

Ford car manufacturer includes Romania’s Transfagarasan in its Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads!

“If you are a true driving enthusiast, the Transfagarasan is genuinely a bucket list kind of place to visit.”

– Steve Sutcliffe

If you decided to make a trip to Transfagarasan you made a wise decision: is one of those places that will definitely remain in your heart!

The highest point of the Transfagarasan road

The highest point of the Transfagarasan mountain road is the Lake Glaciar Balea (2040m). On one of the banks of the lake Balea, we find the Balea Lake Cabin. This mountain cottage is a tourist accommodation spot where you can also have lunch and relax.

To make the most spectacular pictures, near the Balea Lake Cottag, an observation point is arranged.

Good light and many frames!

Accessibility – When can you visit Transfagarasan?

Transfagarasean can be fully covered during the summer and autumn: 30 June – 15-30 October (*unless there are special weather events).

The road is made of street concrete enclosed with reflective rails and a speed of 40 km / h is required. As well as a dark restriction from 22:00 to 06:00.

The road has points on departure arrival between the localities:

  • Curtea de Arges (2 h driving from Bucharest) and
  • Cartisoara

Transfagarasan in winter

The Transfagarasan mountain road is closed to winter traffic due to heavy snowfall and high altitude. During winter you can reach the highest point by cable-car, on the circuit: Balea Cascada – Balea Lac.

Winter, Transfagarasan is absolutely incredible! At the top, deep in to the Carpathians mountain ridges, is built yearly the ice Hotel. It is the only ice hotel in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Also, in winter, you can reach the highest point, 1585 m at Capra Chalet (if the weather is favorable).  For this you have to follow the route from Curtea de Arges – Arefu. But be careful, you have to come back where you came from, you can not cross the mountains to Transylvania.



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