Located about halfway between Bucharest and Ploiesti, Snagov Lake and Forest are part of the natural protected area with the same name.

The forest, the lake, the natural fauna, the special landscapes, the restaurants, the terraces, the swimming pools, as well as the activities that can be practiced here, make this location one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bucharest and its surroundings.

At the same time, the Snagov Lake real estate area is an exclusive one in which they have their holiday homes and villas important people in the state, celebrities or playboy millionaires. Here is the area and most luxury holiday homes.

The lake hosts yachting, kayaking, canoeing, bikes, nautical sky. The complex has swimming pools, lakeside terraces, mini-golf courts.

In addition to all this in the area you can find other important attractions such as:

  • Snagov Palace;
  • Snagov Inn;
  • Snagov Monastery;

Snagov Lake & Forest Hightlights

  • Surface of the entire reservation: 1727 hectares
  • Lake area: 6 square kilometers
  • Maximum lake depth: 9 m

Snagov Park and Lake belong to the protected area “Protected Natural Area of the Snagov Forest”. This natural area houses a rich fauna and flora with over 150 protected species, some of which are endangered.

Lake Snagov is one of the deepest natural lakes in the Muntenia province (south-east of Romania).

The area is frequented by many tourists, photographers, fishermen, water sports practitioners.

Surroundings of Snagov, is an exclusive residential area, inhabited by Romanian millionaires, personalities, foreign citizens.

It is an ideal location for many activities: walking / picnicking in nature (in the woods or on the lakeside ) as well as special activities: golf, water sailing, rafting, tennis, fishing, cocktail party, pool party’s etc.

Snagov forest shelters deer species, wild cats, deer, pheasants protected by law.

On one of the islands of the lake, Snagov Monastery is built, known because it is the place where the body of Vlad the Impaler was buried.

How to get to Snagov Lake and Forest ?

The location of the forest and the lake are about 30 minutes drive from Bucharest.

Highway: The road to Snagov can be reached on the Highway, from where you get the village of Ghermanesti.

DN1: The National Road 1, which connects the northern part of Bucharest with the International Airport. After leaving Bucharest, your way past the airport, Saftica, and at 35 km take the right to Snagov Sat. Following the 101B road you will follow: Vladiceasca, Ciofliceni, Ghermanesti and Snagov.



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