Poenari Fortress is one of the top tourist attractions in Romania, being a place full of legend and mystery. If you plan to visit the most beautiful mountain road in Romania, the Transfagarasan Road, then it is a must to add a stopover to the Poenari Fortress. (Atention: take care how do you plan your trip, if you want to visit the fortress coming from the north over the mountains to the south, the Transfagarasan road is open only in the warm season of year.)

Coming from the South, to Transfagarasan, as soon as you cross Curtea de Arges (about 15 minutes driving), you will reach the mountain path leading to Poenari medieval fortress.

The Poenari Fortress is also one of the most mysterious places to visit in the Carpathian Mountains, due to the direct connection with Vlad the Impaler (known as Count Dracula).

What you need to know about the Poenari fortress?

The ruins of the Poenari fortress are a historic monument dating back to the 14th century. It is well known that in order to admire the beauties of this place, you have to put some physical effort: the fortress is at an altitude of about 850 m altitude.

Local authorities have set up the access road to the fortress with a system of concrete steps and metal railings. More precisely, there is a climb of 1,480 steps.

Do not be afraid because the road deserves all the effort: the natural setting of the secular forests and the mountain make each step more interesting. Walking is not difficult, it can be traveled by children or by elderly. At a slow pace and even a short stop, you are in the fortress site, within an hour, maybe less.

Poenari fortress Hightlights

As you get to the old stone walls of the fortress, you will be aware of how terrifying it was the medieval impalement penalty. To add some drama to the whole scene, couple of bloody mannequins are raised in the sky, alongside with a wooden scaffold.

Wicked times … This way you will have the opportunity to return in medieval times, back in Transilvania of the Vlad the Impaler.

In addition from the top of the mountain, from where the fortress is located, you will have a beautiful panorama over the serpentines of the Transfagarasan road.

History of the fortress

The construction of the Poenari fortress dates even back of the Vlad the Impaler reign, during the first leader and founder of Wallachia: Negru Voda.

Strategically the fortress strengthens the border line of two important regions: Transylvania and Wallachia. The fortress was also an important point of military resistance.

In 1456 Vlad Tepes orders the consolidation of the fortress and uses it as a personal residence.

Poenari Fortress Visiting Tips

Special warnings: due to the massive presence of the Carpathian brown bears, access to the area of ​​the fortress is restricted indefinitely! For more info give us an email at:

The climbing road has two rest points with benches, tables and dumpsters. It is an ideal place for a picnic right in the middle of the forest. But beware, on weekends these places can be quite crowded.

Take enough water for the road to the landmark: min 2 liters for adult and 1.5 / child. You will not find points to refill or to buy.

For access to the fortress site, there is a fee of about 1 euro / person and 0.5 for children. It is recomended to have on you Romanian money (LEI).


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