A small and cozy monastery, located on Colentina River Bank, in Bucharest. Historical and religious monument still functional since 1564. A religious site loaded with history and legend.

The meaning of the name Plumbuita

The romanian term “plumbuita”, was was given by locals due to the lead sheets from which the roof was made.

Plumbuita means “The Leaded” in direct translation.

During a fierce battle a Wallachian voivode ordered that the roof be melted, in need of cannon balls. It was not a foreign habit for the romanins, during the battles to melt bells of churches to produce ammunition.

The Church has supported the Romanian leaders’ efforts to fight invaders. Even today, Romanian Orthodox Church fights in the spirit of the Romanian people. An important passage from the national anthem of Romania is dedicated to the church:

“Preoti cu crucea-n frunte! caci oastea e crestina” – “Priests with the cross in your forehead! because the army is Christian”!

what can represent better than the close link between the people of Romania and the Christian roots?

It was a fortified settlement surroundit by creneted walls, with flint and arrow openings, a bell tower at the entrance to the monastery. Inside we find a Royal House with generous basements, used today to shelter the collection of church objects.

Visit Plumbuita monastery

The monastery is located in the northeastern side of Bucharest. Very accessible from downtown or Central Railway Station with public transportation.

Even if it is located inside the city, it is a quiet and relaxing place. The monks are very friendly and hospitable.


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