The city of Ploiesti is also the capital Prahova County, located about 60 km from the capital of Romania, Bucharest. It is located somewhere halfway down the road connecting Romania’s capital to the main mountain resorts on the Prahova Valley: Sinaia, Predeal, Busteni, Azuga.

Ploiesti is a chic, small city that still retains a bohemian air due to the old cladir architecture that has been wellpreserved. This city is also an important transportation node, the main routes and railroads that connecting Bucharest to the Prahova Valley, Transylvania and Moldova (the main provinces of Romania) pass.

Due to oil resources and the oil industry, Ploiesti is also known as the “black gold capital”.

Ploiesti City Highlights

  • the city of Ploiesti is an important road junction through which the main transportation arteries interconnects three geographical regions of Romania: Moldova, Wallachia (Tara Romaneasca) and Transylvania;
  • in the vicinity of Ploiesti, there is some importants wine regions: Valea Calugareasca, Dealul Mare, Tohani, in which where they have important wine cellars and vineyards;
  • the city is bordered by the “Wine Route”, the route used by wine merchants since Antiquity;
  • Ploiesti is known as the “black gold capital” due to the oil industry;
  • the oil produced in the Ploiesti refinery made from Bucharest the world’s first lamp-lighting city in 1857!;
  • also thanks to the oil industry in Ploiesti, Romania becomes the first country in the world to export gasoline;
  • is geographically located halfway between the Equator and the North Pole;

Tourist attraction in Ploiesti

  •  Ghighiu Monastery;
  • Wine region of Valea Calugareasca;
  • Wine region of Tohani;
  • The Oil Museum;
  • The Clock Museum;



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