Also known as The People’s House or the House of the Republic, is an architectural colossus, born out of the megalomanic tendencies of communist dictator Nicoale Ceausescu. The Romanian dictator wanted to compete with North Korean President Kim Ir-sen and China’s Mao Tze-dun with whom he was very close. The construction of this edifice was accomplished with great sacrifice by the Romanian people: systematic and prolonged rationalization of food and electricity!

Seventy-five percent of this building’s space remains unused. The cost of maintaining this building is similar to the cost of maintaining half of the dwellings in Bucharest. I still remains the largest administrative building in the world, after Pentagon (US)!

It is one of the most iconic landmark of Romania. A perfect location for visiting and taking pictures. Also, you can use the perimeter for sports activities, like running around the perimeter: almost 3 km per shift with small level differences.

If you plan a one-day tour of Bucharest where you want to reach more tourist attractions, Parliament Palace is in the immediate vicinity of:



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