Place where Dracula once ruled!

Location: Center of Bucharest – Capital of Romania

Olt Town Bucharest, the historical centre of Bucharest represents the melting pot of the city: royal residences and the court of Vlad the Impaler (also known as Dracula), historical documented in 1459.

It also the one of Bucharest popular tourist destinations. This place is filled with history, culture and buildings that have crossed over centuries: the ruins of the Court of Dracula, buildings of the 18th and 19th century, armenian and Jewish merchants shops, fastous artdeco buildings of 20th century.

Narrow, paved streets, excelent for photos!

Known to be the Bucharest epicentre of the action, the hot spot of the clubs, bar and coffee shop. During summer there are numerous cultural events, concerts and street theater performances.

Main atraction of Old Town Bucharest:

  • The National History Museum
  • CEC Bank Palace
  • The National Bank Palace
  • Old Court Ruins (temporarily closed for architectural research)
  • Macca-Villacrosse passage
  • Manuc’s Inn
  • Old Court Church (oldest in Bucharest, dating from 1545)
  • Linden’s Inn
  • Great street views
  • Russian church

© photo credits: Cardinalle Photography



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