Ghighiu Monastery is located near the city of Ploiesti, being somewhere half way between Bucharest and the Carpatian Mountains area.

It is a Christian-Orthodox monastery, being included in the list of historical and architectural monuments of the Romanian heritage.

The monastery hosts a very precious icon, from the 16th century, “The Sirian Virgin Mary”, having the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. The famous icon was brought from Syria and donated to the Ghihiu Monastery in 1958.

Also inside the monastery, is a spring, which the believers described as having healing properties. Both the spring and the icon are are supposed to have divine powers, being miracle-working.

For these reasons, a large number of Christian pilgrims from the surroundings and from all over the country come to pray for forgiveness of sins at Mastirea Ghigiu.

Ghighiu Monastery Hightlights

The monastery is located in the proximity off the City of Ploiesti, at a relatively short distance from Bucharest (52 km), being located on the road connecting south of Romania and Bucharest to the Carpathians Mountains area.

The exterior and interior of the monastery, the gardens, the buildings are very well maintained and clean.

Many pilgrims visit the Ghighiu Monastery seeking forgiveness from God, to pray at the the Miracles Icon “Sirian Virgin Mary” and to drink water from healing spring, which is said to have miraculous properties.

The presence of this religious site, dates back to the 16th century, on the site of the present monastery, and operates a wooden church. In 1817, the old church was rebuilt, and in the years 1858-1866 the building of the current monastery began.

The architecture of the Ghighiu Monastery brings to the forefront the Brancovenian style (Romanian Renaissance).

Like all the great Romanian Monasteries, they suffer great damage after the bombings of the Second World War:  Ploiesti City being strongly bombarded due to the strategic importance of the oil industry, as well as rich oil resources.

Bombardments, natural calamities (the great earthquake of 1977) have failed to defeat the monastery’s splendor, being renovated and regularly maintained.

How to get to Ghighiu Monastery?

Highway: From Bucharest, following the A3 highway to Ploiesti;

DN1: National Road 1, from Bucharest, following the National Road 1, which connects Bucharest through the North with the Prahova Valley, as soon as you crossed Romanesti to the roundabout in Barcanesti, where you have Lukoil gas station, turn right onto DN 1A, direction: BRASOV – BUZAU – PLOIESTI.

Over 100m, the roundabout turns to the right, keeping the DN1A all the way. Within 5-7 minutes of walking, the entrance to the monastery must be on the right. You will not miss because they park on both sides of the road.


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