Cernica Monastery is an orthodox monastic settlement, included in the list of historical monuments in Romania. The complex of the monastery, because we are not talking about a simple building, is about 10 minutes away driving from Bucharest.

The location of the monastery is like a fairy tale, surrounded by a lake and centuries-old woods. The spiritual and historical load, the surroundings: the lake, the forests, the edifices create a pleasant spiritual harmony, harmony that will positively load you.

How to get to Cernica Monastery?

From Bucharest’s Pantelimon, go to Pantelimon Road to exit the city, following DN3. On the right side you will have Lake Pantelimon. Leave Bucharest and enter Ilfov County, maintaining the main road.

Go up the road bridge, leaving the Tuborg factory on the right. Right on the downhill, turn right on the belt line, left on the ring road of Bucharest and about 5-6 minutes to the left of Cernica. After 2-3 minutes after leaving the Bucharest Ring Road, the monastery will be on the right side.

Cernica Monastery Hightlights

The complex of Cernica Monastery is located right on the lake island of the same name. The view is absolutely gorgeous and soothing: water, secular forests, old walls of the worship center, the monastery towers.

The buildings and complex of the monastery date back to 1600. It is a place of pilgrimage, as well as a place where you can come in harmony with nature. The landscapes and tranquility of the area is amazing.

It is an accessible location throughout the year, in the vicinity of Bucharest.

Cernica Monastery visiting tips:

If the parks and gardens of Bucharest do not fully satisfy the craving for spriritual peace, then it will not spoil a visit.

The monastery and monastic complex are well maintained and clean. Infrastructure, parking, road, alleys, banks, gardens are in excellent condition. You can park the car along the road from the main entrance and continue on the road to the monastery building (about 1 km).

If the weather is not favorable, or you are accompanied by children, elderly people who have problems in walking, you can enter with your car in the complex, paying a fee of about 1 euro (5 Romanian lei).

Personally I prefer to visit Sunday, although it is a little crowded, but if it does not derail this, is no problem. After attending the religious service, I like to walk the main street of the monastery that goes down to the lake. It’s also an ideal place for photography, where I’ve surprised some awesome sunsets.

Faced with other churches and monasteries, where the staff is more restrictive, I have not encountered any problems in Cernica Monastery whenever I wanted to use my DSLR camera. The monks are very nice to the visitors.

History of Cernica Monastery

Documentary attested in 1608, the construction of the monastery is due to Cernica Vornicus, a close friend of the great Romanian ruler Mihai Viteazu (en “Mihai the Brave”). Vornicus was a senior clerk; In fact, this function was also one of the highest ranks in the medieval state.

The location of the monastery is also of great architectural importance: on these places were found dwellings dating from the Neolithic.

Returning to the monastery, Cernica Stirbei Vornicus, together with his wife, financially and logisticaly supports the construction of the monastery.

The hazard of sorrow is that, shortly after construction, the monastery and neighboring villages are struck like a nasty plague that kills all the monks and the inhabitants of the area. Until 1781, the monastery of Cernica is abandoned and almost falls into ruin.

After extensive renovation and restoration work, that began with 1781, the Cernica Monastery complex is undergoing a flourishing period. Besides the monastic activity, the monastery hosts a Christian painting school and a Sribi workshop.

An impressive number of works of art, church objects, books, period stamps, medieval manuscripts of inestimable value survived the vicissitudes of the centuries due to the existence and proper organization of this monastery.

Because of these considerations, Cernica Monastery becomes an important cultural center.


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