Located in the vicinity of the Cotroceni Palace, is an oasis of nature and color, right in the hearth of Bucharest. It is a quiet, refreshing location that will charge you with positive energy.

Besides walking and relaxing, many  photographers, videographers, or mouvie directors, choose the Botanical Garden, as the perfect location for photo shootings, filming and other creative activities.

Being a “ZEN atmosphere“, it’s great for a book launch, or why not, a more special presentation!

The staff of the  Botanical Garden is very polite and friendly, ready to help you with information anytime.

General Info

Botanical Garden from Bucharest was founded in 1860, during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, at the initiative of the physician Carol Davilla. If in the beginning it was coordinated by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, since 1874 Botanical Garden belongs to the University of Bucharest. Professor Dimitrie Brândză had a great contribution establishing and developing the botanical garden on the current place, in Cotroceni area, on the right side of Dâmboviţa River.

Nowadays, Botanical Graden “D. Brandza” is managing plants collections (living and preserved), which are well identified and used for the purpose of training students, for scientific research, for phyto-diversity conservation and for the purpose of environmental education and public information.

Spreading over an area of 18.2 ha, Botanical Garden “D. Brandza” is currently organised in specific outdoors sections (e.g. Decorative, Rare plants, Flora of Dobrogea, Rosarium, Iridarium, Taxonomic, Flora of Asia) and indoors sections (Greenhouses, Herbarium, Museum, Library, Center of Ecological Education). In the last years new sections were developed to complain better its objectives: Grandma Garden – a traditionally country garden, Children’s Garden, Books’ Garden.

The living collection of Botanical Garden “D. Brandza” counts over 3,500 taxa, while the General Herbarium shelters over 500,000 specimens. There are also diverse and interesting collections in the Botanic Museum: more than 2,500 aquarelle representing wild and cultivated plants in Romania, vegetable products and objects made from plants, some historical exhibits, and few dioramas.

Botanical Garden “D. Brandza” develops many programmes collaborating with volunteers and one of these programmes was awarded in 2011 with the “Green Areas Award” for the project “Grandma Garden”. Another programme on “Spring Cleaning” was awarded in 2013 with “Civil Society Award”.


Open space tickets

  • March 16 – October 15: 1.5 € EUR (7 RON);
  • October 16 – March 15: 1.05 € EUR (5 RON) ;

Botanical museum: 0.4 € EURO (2 RON);

Greenhouses: 0.65 € EURO (3 RON);

Additional FEES:

Guided tours: 10.5 € EUR (50RON) *full tour maximum 30 people
Photo shooting session: 42 € EURO / hour (200 RON)

Special thanks to ms. Paulina Anastasiu, director of the Bucharest Botanical Garden


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