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Romania, is a country blessed by gods, land of the brown bear and the Carpathian mountains, home of Dracula and of the ancient primeval Beech Forests where wolves are howling at the moon. The place where the most best Orthodox monasteries in the world are preserved. A land of contrast, bathed in the sunshine, mirrored in fine sands of the Black Sea.

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Mogosoaia Palace and Park

Mogosoaia Domain, Valea Parcului Street 1, Mogoșoaia, ROMANIA
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Plumbuita Monastery

Str. Plumbuita, nr. 58, sect. 2, București
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beauty and purely Romanian genius

Start your journey here, by clicking play to the following video. It contains the most awesome places in Romania. In the background you will be delighted by one of the most iconic Romanian music masterpieces: The Romanian Rhapsody.

“The Romanian Rhapsody 1” by George Enescu: famous Romanian classical composer

Why Carpathia?

The significance of the name of Carpathia

Even the mountain range of Carpathian is crossing eight countries, the current territory of Romania hosts half of the surface of these mountains.

The name of the Carpathians, descend direct from the Romanian ancestors, the Dacia people, who use call them:  „karpate”, which means „rocky cliffs”. Read more about the Carpathian legends →

Explore the beauties of Romania

on a magnificent masterpieces of music: Romanian Rhapsody